Look at me!

So I have always wanted to start a blog. What better time then now? I thought for my first posting I would share my list of "Things that make me Smile!" Last year my wonderful roommate Martha introduced me to this Idea, I got a note book and for the past year every now and then I add to the list. Every time I read it I laugh and smile. SO here it is!

  1. Warm cookies
  2. The smell of rain
  3. chocolate peanut butter ice cream
  4. Hugs
  5. Kisses
  6. Kisses in the rain
  7. Holding Hands
  8. Finding the 'Perfect' dress
  9. Shopping
  10. Earrings
  11. Chick Flicks
  12. Girls Night Out
  13. Moulin Rouge
  14. Swings
  15. Rolling down hills
  16. Halloween
  17. Christmas
  18. Building snowmen
  19. New shoes
  20. Boys that smell good
  21. Talking for hours
  22. Getting an A you deserve
  23. When someone really cares if you are OK
  24. Changing your hair color
  25. Driving with the window down and Radio BLASTING
  26. New hoodies
  27. Fleece blankets
  28. Laying under the stars
  29. Birthdays
  30. Comfortable silence
  31. A new crush
  32. A sincere gift
  33. A surprize
  34. Dancing crazy
  35. Singing in th shower
  36. Wearing PJ's all day long
  37. Laughing so hard you can't stop
  38. Seeing a play
  39. Finishing a book
  40. Slow dance
  41. Taking a really great picture
  42. Roller coasters
  43. The first hill of a Roller Coaster
  44. Fitting as many people as you can in a self-portrait
  45. Hot Chocolate (with whipped cream)
  46. Beating a hard level of a game
  47. Seeing an old friend
  48. Bon Fires
  49. Going to football games
  50. Inside jokes
  51. Impulsive fun
  52. Fresh painted nails
  53. Dr. Pepper
  54. Getting mail
  55. Fresh flowers
  56. Leaving long messages (singing ones are best)
  57. Top Shop
  58. The sound of waves crashing on the shore
  59. Big comfy chairs/couches
  60. The feeling of the hot sun as you lay out
  61. Pictures of you on roller coasters
  62. Pillow fights
  63. Christmas songs (only around Christmas though)
  64. Dancing in the street
  65. Getting flowers just because
  66. Getting letters in the mail
  67. Falling in love
  68. When a song's lyrics fit your life perfectly
  69. Running into an old friend
  70. When the item you want to buy is on sale
  71. Finding something you have been looking for for ages
  72. Happy endings
  73. Boating
  74. Vacation
  75. 100% on a test (FINAL :)
  76. Laughing so hard it hurts
  77. Having someone trust you with something important
  78. Having a party for No reason
  79. Fireworks
  80. Tackling or being tackled into a huge pile of snow
  81. Re-arranging your room
  82. Summer thunderstorms
  83. Riding your bike through Puddles
  84. making a music video
  85. Editing that music video
  86. Getting in the shower fully dressed
  87. America
  88. New boots
  89. Finding the perfect scripture you needed that day
  90. Disneyland
  91. Dancing like no one is watching
  92. Dancing like no one is watching when someone is watching
  93. Sitting around the table talking after eating way to much
  94. Non ci credo proprio!
  95. Finding money in your pocket
  96. Little sisters
  97. Big little brothers
  98. Missionaries
  99. Naps