Roma la cita eterna!

Some of my Adventures in Rome

The church is true in Italy as well.
Making a wish... you can guess what it is.
The water in the Roman Fountains is drinkable. I love it.
Villa D'Este was BEUATIFUL. These fountains have been working for years and years.
They even had my favorite flowers in front of my favorite fountain.
There are 100 of these faces in a row. A fountain party.
Pompeii has a beautiful view. Too bad it was destroyed by a volcano.
Mi piace il colesseo. Motlo Bello.
A true european with my clothes drying out on my balcony.
Very cute Old Man. Italian Old men are my favorite.
Walking along the oldest roman road, still in use today. I liked it a lot. Especially this sign to a beautiful villa that I will someday live in!

The jewelry finds of Assisi!


When in Rome......

AHHHH... ROMA la cità eterna. I am currently sitting in a litte internet cafe about a block away from my hotel in rome. and i love it. everybit of it. i have decided that italians are much cooler then americans and this is why:
*they are beautiful, even the ugly people have this beauty about them
*their food is amazing. a meal consists of pasta for the first course, meat and veggies for the second and fruit or gelato for the dessert.
*they wear whatever they want. black bra with see-through white shirt, classy, crazy hair, anything and some how they get away with it.
*they can speak italian. something that i am having a hard time with. although i did ask how much it was for an hour to use the internet, and I say grazie lots.
*they use their hands while they are talking. and i love it. i think if you ever wanted to destroy Italy all you need to do it tie their hands down... they wouldnt know how to comunicate.
*finally they have gelato. the only thing better then a scoop of gelato is two scoops of gelato.

i love waking up and opening the window and Rome is just right there. It is amazing!