Back to School

There is always something about the coming of fall that gets me excited about clothes. Actually, I am always excited about clothes so I guess I am even More excited about clothes. I think it is partly the fact that I am tired of all my summer clothes, and a new school year always calls for a few new pieces of clothing and jackets and scarfs and boots are always fun to me (until the snow comes then nothing if fun to me.) Here is this falls wish list. Let the shopping begin!

1. Gingham: I really don't know how I have made it this far in life without some gingham in my life. I want a button up shirt ( I am thinking in an aqua blue) but this dress would be ok too!!
2. Blazer: Every girl needs a cute blazer right! It is the perfect addition to a fall outfit. I have a tan one that I adore and this fall I was looking for a blue one. Last week I just happened to find the perfect one at gap! 
3. Trench Coat: Another classic item was needed this fall: a trench. I was actually looking for one last year but couldn't find one I loved. Luckily my mom found the perfect one for me as a graduation gift and it is sitting in my closet anxiously waiting to be worn! 

4. Floppy Hat: I have also wanted one of these for a LONG time. Just had to wait for the appropriate weather. I am thinking either one this color, orange or brown. What do you think?
5. Midi Skirt: I have been searching for the perfect mid-length skirt for a very long time with no luck. I love how vintage this one looks. Maybe a trip to Anthro is the answer?
6. Peter Pan: I am obsessed with this collar style. Why don't they have more in the stores? I love the idea of just an add on collar. I know What I will be making next!

7. Shoes
: last but not least here is just a few of the shoes I have been drooling over lately.... 

I really can't wait until heels become a bigger part of my life. Walking around campus just isn't the best lifestyle for these dream shoes...