Song of the Week 4 = Best night EVER

This weeks song is a reflection of what I did. She & Him, one of my all time favs, was in Salt Lake, For Free, at the twilight concert in the park. Can you say amazing. Well it was. It was the BEST NIGHT EVER. When I finally get around to updating my blog, this will get much more detail, but for now just enjoy this and be jealous I got to see my idol zooey. I want to be her. This is one of my favorites. In The Sun.


Song of the Week 3.

I remember the first time I saw Noah and the Whale, my mom showed me their music video for "5 Years Time" we both immediately LOVED it, and the love just grew from there. I mean how can a band from Twickenham, London not be awesome. This song has always been one of my favorites. ITs off their first album and besides being catchy and fab, I love the lines "If love is just a game, then how come it's no fun, If love is just a game, how come I've never won, I guess it might be possible I might be playing it wrong." Love it. Love them. ENJOY.

Noah and the Whale- 2 Atoms in a Molecule