I am at war with my sore throat.

I was sick about a week and a half ago. I slept non stop. My school work suffered. But I prevailed and my sore throat and the rest of my ailments went away.

Today I woke up with a sore throat. I thought to my self.. hmmm maybe it is spring allergies. My allergy medicine did nothing. I took a nap (after getting an A on my PR test thank you very much) and when I woke up my throat was worse. This is when I declared war.

I am a fighter and I will not loose this war.

Here are some of my strategies.

  • Drown my throat in Chloraseptic
  • Take lots of vitamin C
  • Drink orange juice
  • sleep lots
Here are some of the moves my throat is pulling

  • making it impossible for me to swallow
  • making it hard for me to talk
I had no idea how much I took for granted the ability to swallow.
Swallowing is great.
So is talking.
I knew that though.

The battle has begun.
I hope it is a short one.

Wish me luck


School is for fools

So Right now i am staring at my computer screen. I have 1 paragraph complete of my 5 page case study due tomorrow. Why do i always put my homework off until the last minute? I can't seem to figure it out.
I have know about this assignment for over a month. I could have done it the week i got the assignment. That is what a good student would have done. I am not a good student. Don't get me wrong. I do allright. I can hold my own here at BYU.. but I HATE homework.
I think all of this stress would be relieved if BYU had a spring break. I would have no problem writing this paper knowing that I had a break ahead of me. All i have to look forward too is a test this week, 2 next week and a few more papers due... then finals. WEEEE.... great. I need a break. I think every student would agree with me on this one. A break would refresh my mind and set me in motion to finish the rest of the semester with flying colors. Instead I am going to drag myself to class... my mind is going to grow weaker and weaker and my grades are suddenly going to seem less important to me.
BYU please reconsider a spring break. It is a great idea. We deserve it.