Beautiful Boston Day 2

I will now continue the tales of my journey to the other side of our nation. We packed as many things into day 2 as we possibly could. It was amazing. We started off our day by dropping dad off at work, we were very sad he had to work and couldn't play with us! We found a new park and ride place that saved us lots of time and were very proud, little did we know we would regret this later.... So we hopped on the T and were off. We had carefully mapped out our day so we wouldn't miss a thing. We started in little Italy. This was probably my favorite area of Boston. It was so fun. We wandered the streets and watched people open their shops, there were groups of old men gathered on the street talking away in Italian. It made me miss Italy a ton. We weren't hungry but we drooled at every turn. At that time I knew we would be coming back to eat there later.

 As we wandered the streets of little Italy we came across the Red Line/ Freedom Trail, which is a brick trail on the sidewalk that takes you to all of the historic places of Boston. We followed the trail popping into a few of the places. It was fun and informative!
I believe this is were Paul Revere came riding through. In the back is a cool church.
I thought this was a beautiful and artistic way to pay tribute to men and women who have lost their lives in the Middle East. 

Mom and I were joking about how funny it would be if our chapels were set up like this and each family had its own little section. 

Paul Revere's House. It was bigger than I imagined, and cooler. 

Book stores were kind of my thing while I was there. This one was on our list and I loved the sign. It reminded me of Harry Potter (hahah what doesn't these days) and it had stacks and stacks of old books inside. On a different note my mom loved the Max and Dylan signs everywhere because they reminded her of Mac and Dylan. Funny. 
As soon as I saw this I started singing "Stuck a feather in his had and called it Macaroni." 
 When lunch time rolled around we knew we had to go back to Little Italy. we found a fun pizza place and were sold. The pizza was Amazing. I loved every second of it.

Here is another bookstore we popped into and this one even had its own cat. We thought that was one of the best things ever. 
Next we went to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. It was unlike any museum you have ever seen. It is a personal collection of this lady, Isabella, inside of her Italian style villa. She had collected art from all around the world and arranged each and every piece inside of the museum herself.  It was so fun. Then we decided to walk through the park. I love parks in cities. They are my favorite type of parks. This one was constantly reminding me of Disneyland. I especially loved the swan boats. 
After our stroll through the park and some antique shopping we decided we were ready to have dinner (and sit down, our feet were killing us) We had heard of this seafood place and were dying to try it so we set out to find it. We hopped on the T, and were off. we got off at the supposed stop and then were looking at the map in the station trying to find this place. As we were doing this a cute little Asian girl came up and said she was looking for the same place. The man in the station gave us directions and all three of us were off.  The restaurant is on the water just in a fishing pier tucked away. We were so excited when we found it! Our new friend took our picture out in front. 
 My Mom invited her to eat with us. Here she is, she is from china and came to America to visit some friends then continued her travels alone. Her English was great, and she was a fun addition to our dinner.
 This was their famous chowder. Full of all types of fish.
 Our fish platter. YUM.
 At this point we were pretty tired and ready to head back, but there was one more place we had to go. Mike's.
We had gone by Mike's in the morning and were in awe of the beautiful Cannolis. At that time we weren't hungry so we decided to come back. After lunch we thought we would stop by Mike's and have a Cannoli after lunch. Once again we were too full. Well while we were sitting at dinner we asked some of the locals where we could go to get some good dessert. Guess where they told us we HAD to try. Mike's. So we headed back to Little Italy and made our way to Mike's. The store was packed. We made our way to the front and ordered our dessert to go. They packed it up in their cute little pastry box all tied up with string. We were so excited to eat them when we got home. 
Getting home was slightly more exciting then we thought. Remember that great place we found to park in the morning, turns out it's not so great at night. It was in a sketchier neighborhood and our car was parked way out there. Despite the throbbing pain in our feet from walking all day, my mom and I walked faster then we had ever walked before to make it to our car. Once we were in and the car was locked we laughed at how quickly we made it to our car because we were afraid someone was going to attack us. We made it home and finally were hungry enough to pop open our Mike's box and dug into the best thing we ate all day. They were amazing. It was a wonderful day and we both decided we were in love with Boston so much we wanted to move there. Hopefully someday it comes true.


Birthday Memories!

I can not even believe how fast October has flown by, thanks to the craziness of school...   In thinking about this and how wonderful the weather has been I have decided this is one of the best Octobers ever. 10.10 The Golden October.  My Birthday is coming up and I am trying to decide how to celebrate. Then I started to think about how I got the GREATEST birthday present ever this year (it was an early present obviously.) I got to go to BOSTON and NEW YORK. It was amazing. I thought now was a great time to blog about it! I will start with 
Day 1: Traveling and Boston
I got to Boston with little trouble, I woke up before the sun was up and from pure excitement and that whole- I can't sleep on planes thing- I watched a couple movies, enjoyed the free soda and cookies and anxiously awaited  the decent into the Boston Harbor. I have never been to Boston before this trip, but I do have a pretty funny story about a layover we had at the Airport a few years ago. If you have ever flown there before you know the Airport practically on the water, as you are looking out the window as the plane is coming down, you get a little worried you aren't going to make it to land and might have to test  the seat you on and if it really does float. Well as we were coming in a few years ago we not only looking out on the water but had hit a little turbulence on the way down, and had a very rough landing. So rough in fact that quite a few of the oxygen masks popped out of the bin above your head. A few people screamed as others laughed. Once we were finally on ground and not bouncing any more the entire flight burst out in applause. It was so funny! Well this time my flight there was much less exciting. (wait until I tell you about my flight home) I got to the airport and my Mom was there to greet me (she had flown out a few days earlier with my dad who was working in Boston for the week.) We hopped on  the T and decided (after dropping off my bags) to explore the world of Harvard

You might be asking yourself right now, Why does Dannielle have a picture of the London Tube seats on this blog? Well guess what, This is actually the T- looks exactly the same huh! 

Here is the lovely Red line/Freedom Trail. Tell you more about this later! 
 In our travels around Harvard Campus we thought- Hey let's find the Harvard Bookstore. Easy right? Not. There are many bookstore around the area Called "Harvard Bookstore" or something of the sort. None of which were the actual bookstore. We still are not entirely sure where the original is. Oh well, look at how Awesome this one is. I loved it! I couldn't leave without buying a book off of my fall booklist!

 R2 was very helpful on this trip. Here I used R2 too look up my book list so I could find out which Henry James books I needed!
 In front of the Library stairs, apparently you have to be a student here to go in. Lame. Instead I just sat and read a little out on the steps.
 We discovered this fantastic little place and couldn't help but get a little snack to hold us over until dinner.
 My book, with the "Harvard Bookstore" bookmark. Now that I have read Turn of the Screw, I can say it is a thrilling tale worth your time. (especially around Halloween!)
 After our snack and sightseeing it was time to pick up Dad from work and find something delicious for dinner. Well my Dad was working outside of Boston and we had a few references but really no idea where we could find food so we just got off the freeway in a place called Lowell. Sounds nice enough doesn't it. Well let me tell you a little about Lowell.  We spent a good amount of time searching for food, and there was nothing (except Duncan Donuts) and so we got back on the freeway and off and on and somehow every time we ended back in Lowell. It was a black hole sucking  us in. It quickly became the joke of the trip, No Not LOWELL, or, at least we aren't in Lowell. Hahaha it was funny. We quickly reached the FEED ME NOW point. (If you don't know what this is you are a very lucky person.) My dad, who had not had the lovely snack my  mom and I enjoyed from Au Bon Pain, finally just pulled off to this lovely little steak house. Well first let me back up a little, we had passed on both Chile's and Outback Steakhouse because we wanted to find something more "Boston",  something  we couldn't find at home. We walk into this steakhouse and all bust up laughing because it is covered in "western" decor. Pictures of the wild west aka Utah, cowboy boots, Country music playing, we were dying. What are the odds we spend all night looking for something Boston and we end up eating in a Western themed restaurant.  The food was good though, just not what we had in mind.
 Boston loves Utah?


BYU might be Hogwarts.

 I am not sure if there is anyone who has read Harry Potter that hasn't imagined studying at Hogwarts. Let's face it, it would be AMAZING. Well this week Caity and I discovered a part of BYU that might just be the link to the School of witchcraft and wizardry. We went to the library so I could find a couple of book on the history of ghost stories. I am fascinated with ghosts these days so I thought I might as well put my fascination to good use and write one of my many research papers on ghost stories. Well in the search to find books on ghosts, we came across the coolest section in the library I have ever come across. There were a number books on ghost and haunted houses including this one.  Men who wouldn't stay dead.

What? Interested? I am. There were so many cool books. Then our eyes started to wander to the shelves adjacent to the piles of ghost books. You will never believe what we found. Well ok, maybe you will believe it, but we couldn't believe it! There were all sorts of books on Satanism, the art of Witchcraft, books on different witches, magic and even a few book titled: The History of Magic. It was mind blowing. Caity and I spent probably a half hour pulling out books and flipping through them. At one point we were both sitting on the floor giddy and giggling. Who knew BYU was keeping this secret from me, Now I know where to go for hours of entertainment. Thanks BYU. You have temporarily redeemed yourself.


Song of the Week 6.

I can always count on the wonderful Carly to lead me to the best music around. She showed me this music video and I have been hooked on the song ever since. I love it. Thanks Carly! Love you!

10.10.10 10:10:10

Today is one of the coolest days ever. 10.10.10. I loved today. To celebrate I thought it would be fun to have a 10 course meal. Lucky for me my Mom/family also thought it would be fun. So here is a picture from every course of our silly way to celebrate a special and fun day!

1. Edamame


 3. Bruschetta
 4.Pizza Rolls
 5.Lime Slush
 6. Tortilla Soup
 7. Salad
 8. Garlic Pasta
 9. Peaches and Cream

10. Gum
It was so fun. I think it's safe to say we all enjoyed it. Even the gum! Can't wait for 11.11.11!