The Hunter's perspective of Bambi

As I walked into Cabela's it feels like you are walking into the Disneyland for rugged outdoorsy men. In the center of the store is a mountain with a waterfall and animals (stuffed ones) decorating the eye catching wonder. You can even feed the fish in the little pond. Of course I did. It was AWESOME. They have a gun library with some of the sweetest guns I have ever seen in my entire life. They even had sheriff's badges. I wanted one. They had an aquarium, filled with some of the weirdest looking fish I have ever seen.


Confessions of a Magic Card

Every girl want to have her cake and eat it too. This is the case of Confessions of a Shopaholic. Rebecca Bloomwood wants a magic card to buy her Prada a dreamy boy to love her even after she lies about who she is. What girl doesn't want this.
The story was cute and a very typical predicable girly movie. The best part about the film was the clothing. It felt like I was watching an ad for every upcoming designer in New York. The story was somewhat lost behind the wardrobe.
The film makers wanted to have beautiful clothes and high fashion but it also sent a message about managing your life and watching how you spend your money. this did not work. Immediately after seeing the movie I was overcome with an ure to shop and I felt like my credit card was a magic card and I could have whatever I wanted. I don't have to see my credit card bill for a few months. Like Rebecca I could have whatever I wanted.
Although the story was cute, it also left with me a false sense of security. If she can get out of debt that easily, why can't I? In that case how come the economy can't be fixed that easy. Maybe we should replace Obama with a few Rebecca Bloomwoods and we can just have a huge sale, selling all of the pieces of America to the rest of the world so our country can get out of debt.... Right. Life isn't that easy.