This is what Love looks like.

Dear Prince Albert (slash Rupert Friend),
You are perfect.


Newest Celeb crush.

You know how sometimes you have those insta- celeb crushes... well this one was not quite like that. It was planted in me a long time ago and has just recently started to bloom. I didn't even realize I had a crush on him until last night, while watching Inception (which btw was AMAZING. go see it right now). Now some of you may think I am too old to have Celeb crushes. You are never too old for a Celeb crush. EVER. Just ask my grandpa about Julia Roberts.  I think the seed was planted in the late 90's when he starred in 3rd Rock from the sun. It was one of those shows I would watch every once and a while. The seed started to grow when he was in 10 things I Hate About You. Then it became a legitimate crush  with 500 Days of Summer. He was great in that movie, but he hadn't made my list quite yet. Then lasts night, as i was inches away  from his face plastered on the HUGE screen (We had to sit front row center because the movie was sold out) I fell in Celeb Crush LOVE.  He was amazing. He had the best outfits, his character had whit, and he was super sexy with a gun.
Just look at how great he looks slash his outfit is in this still from Inception. (did i mention that you need to go see that movie right now?)
And that is the story of my newest Celeb obsession.


Song of the week 2.

I have really just jumped back into blogging today! Here is the latest song of the week!
Carly introduced me to this band this week Mumford and Sons. They are fantastic. I love the little Scottish edge they have to them. I love this song. It has great lyrics too! So here it is! This weeks song.

Awake My Soul- Mumford and Sons.


Lost In Austen.

I go through phases where I am drawn to certain things. Lately it has been Jane Austen. IT all started with my Brit Lit History class where we were assigned to read this.Which of course led me to think about this...
and that just made me think about this....
I considered reading this...

And then I couldn't help but to watch this....

And after that this is when I stumbled upon this...
This made for British TV movie/miniseries is amazing. I had never heard of it but decided to watch it because it is about a girl who is obsessed with Pride and Prejudice (I could really relate to her right now) and ends up in the novel. Everything gets screwed up and she tries to fix it but that of course only makes things worse. It was fantastic. LOVED it. I am just binging on all things Austen. I love her and I secretly wish (or maybe not so secretly wish) I could be in one of her novels. This movie was my dream.

Yes to Life (continued)

Our adventures continued. This time Racheal and I said YES,the key word of our summer fun, (See earlier post) to hiking Stewart Falls. It was a lovely hike, minus the time I almost slid down the mountain and died... thank goodness Racheal was there to save me.
Natural Hiker right here.
We Conquered the Falls. It will be no time before we Conquer the world!
We love jumping pictures, even when are legs are dead from hiking a mountain.
One day as Racheal, Andrea, and I were thinking about what our next adventure was to be, we got a craving for a savory Sno-Cone. There was one problem, they only accept cash or check. We put our heads together and formulated a plan. We would go on a scavenger hunt, and collect items, (mostly just quarters and change. After a few hours or knocking on doors we collected $7. Enough for each of us to have our very own sno-cone. A sno-cone has never tasted so delicious. As you can tell I was PUMPED about our plan.
Thanks for the change! We are on our way to our treat.
Counting our loot. Who knew that in a few hours you could collect up to seven whole dollars.
Racheal and I practiced our Donny dance moves as we waited to enjoy our tiger's blood.

Some may argue I am a better dancer than Donny. I wouldn't go that far, but I guess i have got some talent. :)
This was basically FREE. Tasted better than ever. Another lovely summer night Carly, Racheal and I took a little trip up to the wonderful SLC, where we indulged in scrumptious pizza and gelato from Sette Bello, did a little shopping at Urban Outfitters and walked around Temple Square. Can you think of a better Girls night out. I think not.
We had to figure out this puzzle on the street, which US state is missing. Trickier than it seems.
Dance party in the sweet bathroom we discovered. I Love art. Especially crazy cool art in the middle of buildings. Girls Night Out!

We took so many of these cool silhouette pictures. They were so much fun. We really wanted to find a boy to complete this one... Someday... someday.

Luckily we were able to squeeze a carnival into our adventures this summer, we arrived just in time to witness the Summer Fest parade in Orem.
Unfortunately there was the creepiest scariest ugliest clown man riding a miniature bike. He scared the crap out of me. Can you see the fear in my eyes?

It wouldn't be a carnival unless there are funnel cakes. Yum, actually this one wasn't that great, but still an important part of the experience.
What better way to celebrate summer? Carnival rides and friends. Here we are waiting in line for a thriller of a carnival ride.
Little did we know what we had gotten ourselves into....
It's all fun and games.....
Until that funnel cake starts spinning in your stomach.

The crew. Right before this picture I was being taunted by Terrell and Cary, about a stupid midget clown. That is my worst nightmare.

Summers aren't complete without a movie premier! We went and saw the latest film in the Twilight saga: Eclipse. It was full of hot men, mushy love stuff, and an epic battle. The perfect summer flick! We were pretty excited because we got to see it 3 hours before the midnight premier and we got lanyards. It was an awesome night!
Caity is really a vampire...
After the movie. Look how much we loved it!
In our attempts to experience all of Utah, Carly, Racheal, Craig and I traveled down to Manti to see the famous Manti pageant. Ok, so maybe it isn't that famous, but it was fun!
They do the entire show on the side of the hill that is directly below the temple. Like no show you will ever see!

The Beautiful Manti Temple.
Probably the most disastrous adventure of the summer revolved around the Utah Arts Festival. We found out that by riding your bike to the festival you save $3. How could we pass this opportunity up. At this point in the summer we are feeling pretty confident in our biking skill. I mean we have already conquered a mountain and a lake, why not downtown Salt Lake. Piece of cake right... wrong. There was not way we could bike from Provo to Salt Lake and still be alive so we ventured to my parent's house to put a bike rack we have sitting in our garage onto my Jeep. Well this may sound like an easy task, but it took 4 people an hour to figure it out. Finally we arrive in SLC, bikes safely toed, and are ready to set off to the festival. We hadn't made it more than a block when my bike starts making a terrible noise and starts acting funny, until finally the chain falls off. We walked our bike to the nearest (and probably sketchiest) gas station and asked the cashier if she had some sort of tool that would help me fix my bike. For the next 10 minutes or so I attempted to fix my chain, but FAILED. We were determined to show up to the festival with our bikes (common we save 3 whole dollars) so we walked our bike the 5 or so blocks to the festival.
As soon as we entered the festival all of our troubles went away and we were overwhelmed with artists of all kinds, even a man who painted with his own blood.
It was fantastical. Colors, paintings, posters, sculptures, music and food galore!
One of the spoils of saying yes to life is getting free things. Ladies passing out tickets "Do you like Reggae?" Us "YES." Ladies "Want free concert tickets?" US "YESSSS" Unfortunately the joys of the festival couldn't last forever and we had to return to the car. Now if only there was a faster way then walking our bikes. You better believe we put our creative minds together and came up with a solution. I unhooked the handle on my purse and we hooked it to Racheal's bike. I grabbed the other end and she toed me back to the car. This was probably one of the funniest things we have ever done and I know that we looked extremely ridiculous traveling down the road in downtown salt like like this. IT WAS AWESOME. We made it to the car in no time. I think one of the most amazing things I said Yes to was to this. Amazingly the Hale Center in Orem was playing 110 in the Shade, staring two of the original broadway cast members. We waited in line for a few hours in the heat of the day to get the standby tickets for that night. It was SO worth it. The show was amazing. Audra Mcdonald was fantastic.

The summer has been full of fun adventures and lots of laughs!

Travels to the park and LOTS and LOTS of pictures.
Lots of Friends and fun.
A good amount of exercise. With healthy snacks of course!
The occasional party. You know watching the Tony's and stuff!
Racheal and I discovered we could sit out on the boys roof.
Cary brought out his Swag bag full of Eclipse treasures. 
It looks as though I am so much in love with Edward that I have CRAZY eyes... I was probably just thinking about Carlisle. He is great. 
Freedom Festival Parade. Aka how many people can we put on each other's team.... 
Watching some friendly fireworks to celebrate our wonderful nation. 

As I am concerned this summer has been Fantastic

p.s. photos courtesy of the beautiful Racheal Curley. Thanks Rach you are the best.