a "grown-up" summer: part 2.

More of my fabulous summer. 

I have an obsession with clouds. Especially cotton candy clouds. 

Bike shadow. 

On our bike ride. Sisters. 

Summer is not complete with out some gelato! 

One day Annie when we got home Annie was in our driveway wearing this smiling and waving. We later found out she was also not wearing a diaper or underwear! 

Bike ride with Gage! 

Smoke. I thought it looked like a volcano. 


Sidewalk Chalk art. Sunset. 

Dominique's Sunset. 

Chalk legs. 

Mini Bus. I need. 
All of these clouds were in the sky at the same time. I love clouds. 

One of the most amazing sunsets I have ever seen. 

One of my favorite pictures this summer. You can see more here

Sparkler fun. 

Balloons for Dominique's campaign. 

She is great. 

For some reason I have always loved this sign in Provo. 

Dance walk. 

Carly and I witnessed a cute Spidy proposal. 

Rooftop Concerts. 

Dezi pre and post appendectomy.  She loved the turtle. 

My quest to become more like a hippie. 

Yes to life. Need this. 


Oquirrh Mountain Temple. One Way. 

Loud and Nasty. 

Ella did not love the fireworks. 


a "grown-up" summer

Now that I am a college grad I suppose that I should be all grown up and such. haha. Ya right. Do you remember the jingle "I don't want to grow up, I'm a Toys R Us kid." I think I took it to heart, minus the whole Toys R Us part. I can't even remember the last time I stepped foot in a Toys R Us. I just think "adults"  take life far too seriously. Life is meant to be enjoyed, and kids seem to know how to enjoy life to the fullest, so in my heart I will always be the girl who jumps in puddles, pretends to be flying while swinging and can't think of any better mode of transportation than a bike.

Summer time lets the kid in me escape even more!

Do Pot Here. Door on the way to work. 

Lazer tag with our pass of all passes. 

Avengers midnight show with Gage! 

Great sign posted for a bike race! 

Hiking with Carly! 

Hanging out with Viv. 

Dominique rocking out and singing with my shoe as a mic. 

Bowling at the sketchy bowling alley with Carly. 

Real game with the fam! 

I love my new running shoes. 

The search for the funniest books at B&N. 

I loved this book. I have never met a character so much like me. 

A beautiful day with an even more beautiful bride! 

The bridesmaids. It was so fun to hang out with these girls! 

Miss these boys! 

"I'm Sorry" -Cary. 

Crazy hair after a long/fun day! 
Stilts artist at the art festival.

Amazing sand art. 

Happy Birthday Dylan!