my life according to R2

I have seen this done on a few different blogs and I think it is such a fun way to look at someones life. Phone pictures are not always the most beautiful or exciting pictures but they show what is important and interesting to the person taking them. So here are a few of my most recent (or semi recent) R2 pics.
*in case you are wondering R2 is my phone, yes I name my phone, I also named my computer he is Marvin the second. 

Graduation day! The march down into the belly of the Marriot Center.

Need I say more?

 Hidden Mickey. Derek and I were all about finding Mickeys (and 3D stuff!)

 Danielle Chips: yes maybe I bought them because they had my name on it, but they were also SOOOO good. I can't seem to find them again though. 

 Viv panted my nails. Didn't she do a wonderful job. ( I may have forgotten about it my half painted fingers until I arrived at work the next day!)

Boyfriend Barbie. Really? You can record your own voice and it talks back in a man voice. Sick. 

My mom thought maybe my old Minnie costume would fit.. When I pulled it out I couldn't help but laugh!

I had my first experience with Geo-caching. It was neat. I had fun. 

 Stout. I am a big fan of my name apparently. 

Best dress I have tried on in a long time. I still don't know why I didn't walk out of the store with it... 
thanks for playing along!


Summer Memories

Well it has been a while since I have posted so I thought I would showcase the "best of" my Summer!
Scooter Ride down the Canyon. It wouldn't be summer with out a ride or two!

This was SOOOO much fun. Jumping on the bed in our Hotel in Vegas! 

Beautiful Beach, so many fun memories. 

First experience with the new Star Tours. In case you were wondering, it was fantastic. 

My surprise pose. 

Jay Leno!

We met the winner of SYTYCD (before she won!)

I have officially decided to be a kid forever, So I switched with Dominique! 
I "fake" graduated. 

I am so glad I went to the graduation ceremonies, even though I had one more semester before I officially graduated. 

I found Cosmo, Tried to stand him up but he is much heavier than he looks. 

 Trip #2 to CA called for a trip to Joelatties!
 Great day at the beach, but we didn't sunscreen enough and had to deal with burns the rest of the trip...

Toy Story. 

We took Derek up to Rexburg to start school. 

Look how cute we all are. 

Soon I will have more of our adventure to Idaho. It was fun.