Proud to be a white person.

I just want to recognize this satirical genius. I found this blog a couple weeks ago and I keep going back. It is so funny and so true. I found myself over and over thinking hey I do that, or hey I like that. Not to mention there was tons of laughing involved. This work of wonder and laughter is called Stuff White People Like (stuffwhitepeoplelike.com) and it is just that. A blog about what white people like. Some of my favorite posts include, Bob Marley(#125), Girls with Bangs(#106), Asian Girls(#11) and Vespa Scooters(#126).

Yesterday I experience a true white person moment and I was apart of post #67 Standing still at concerts. It was great.

I have enjoyed every minute of this fantastic website and I am even contemplating buying the book. It is just that great.


23 flavors

I was sitting at the table today eating pizza and examining my dr. pepper can and wondering how there were 23 flavors in the 12 oz. delightful drink. 23 different flavors? And as I was drinking I was also trying to figure out what flavors were in the delisiosity of a beverage. I don't know if you have ever tried this but it is not an easy task. The tv shows make it look easy. "ahhh yes i taste some coriander and lime with a hint of ginger..." Im my cup I tasted a bit of dr pepper with a hint of carbination and a ting of ice. So in my curiosity I decided to look up the 23 flavors. Apparently it is a bit of a secret. Do they even have 23 flavors? hmmm I did find out that it was invented by a pharmacist. And it does not contain prune juice although many of the list circulating cyber space think that prune juice is one of the main flavors. Also it is kosher! Thank you drpepper.com.

So maybe someday the secrets will be unleashed but untill then I will have to drink to the mystery.