my life after school: the job.

Guess what world! I am a working lady now Which is why this little blog has sadly been on a dry spell. Let's be honest, it is not the first and most likely not the last. But for the moment I am back! Did you miss me?

I was lucky to not only find a job, but one I was actually qualified for. You may think that is silly of me to say, but it is a pretty well known fact that, while an English degree does enrich your life, it does not qualify you for many jobs. Don't believe me? Check out this little number. It still makes me laugh every time I listen to it!

As part of my "grown  up" life I save the earth and ride trax (and read!)

So what am I doing? I am a Social Media Marketing Coordinator (yes that is my official title) at Mamabargains. It is funny that I went from to be working in a pediatric office to a site selling stuff for moms, kids and babies. What are the odds. What I do? I blog (one reason why my blog is lonely) I have created pin board and pin daily, monitor facebook and twitter, do some research on social media and other various tasks. So far I am loving it. It combines my love of writing, a little creativity and my vast knowledge of social media. See Mom, I knew my procrastinating would pay off someday! It is the best first "real grown up" job I could ask for!

I am obsessed with clouds these days. Love this one. 

Also, in case you haven't heard, It is summer. Life is good. Although sometimes I miss the good old days of life guarding. Is there a better job than getting paid to sit by a pool and get tan (oh and save peoples lives...) I think not. Too bad I am "too old" for that, or something.