the. best. fort. ever.

Some of you may remember the awesome fort made for Dezi's birthday. Well on that night there was talk (mostly just dream talk on my part) of how awesome it would be to live in a fort, one that can stay up forever. Well as part of our make it tradition for Christmas (we draw names and make/create a gift for one person in the family) my dad made me an Insta-Fort. It is the most amazing thing ever.
It is made of pvc pipe and lovely fabric that according to his directions (yes it came complete with an instruction manual, made by him) it will bring me both popularity and wealth.
It is the most amazing gift and I am in love with it. I have set it up in my bed room and it has become a little sanctuary from the stress and complications of the world. To me it feels a little bit Harry Potter, a little Moulin Rouge, a little circus, and a lot a bit ME.

I hope everyone has a chance to come see my fort because it is much better in person, but until then these pictures will have to do. Use your imagination and picture your self in my tent. Either Florence + the Machine or the Beatles are playing, there is laughter in the background and the smell of freshly baked cookies just reaches your nose as you consume the happiness of the fort. Enjoy. (and come visit me in my fort anytime)

This is the view as you walk into my fort. Great right?

 Yoda likes the fort too.
 In between each panel is an opening so you can enter leave from anywhere!
 My dad learned how to sew and even did this cool GIANT quilting square star design on the roof!

 I love my little "entertainment" center set up... now I just need a better TV.

I got these great lights to add to the greatness of the fort!  
 My Bed!
 The view from my bed!

 This doesn't really have to do with my fort but I love my suitcase. I wish you could see the awesome book displayed on there. r made it for me and it is AWESOME.