Well it has been awhile since i have delighted the world with my charm so I thought I would start up agian. Today's business.. MY TEAM. While in Italy Reagan enlighten Rach and my self about the concept of a team. You get to pick 10 celebs ( all males of course) that you would want on your team. Your team needs to be well rounded. So you need a variety of young men. Today is your lucky day because I am going to share my team with you. I have made a few slight changes to my team since the original team was made in Italy but I am very proud of my team and I think you will be too.


Johnny Depp- The Captain He is the Captain of my team. He is a fearless leader. He is slightly crazy and not to mention slightly sexy. I could not think of a better leader. He has done so many great movies.

Ewan McGreggor- The Lover
"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return." He said it all. and then he sung it all. It was love after that. Oh and he is a JEDI.... ok let me rephrase that... he is OBI WAN KENOBI... He kicks butt. singing. lightsaber. accent. LOVE.

Zachary Quinto- The Hero Right now he is my biggest love... I fell in love with him as SYLER on heroes. He captured my heart. And then Star Trek came out and he stole my heart forever. He is my Hero. Live Long and Prosper Zachary.

Freddie Highmore- The Adorable One
He is the cutest little kid ever. And he owns a chocolate factory and plays the guitar. What girl doesn't love a boy who plays and brings her chocolate. This boy will be a heart breaker. Just you wait.

Gerard Butler- The Charmer
This boy can charm whomever he pleases. He can wear a mask and charm. He can charm from the dead. He can charm in a box, he can charm with a fox. I do like him Sam I am....

James Dean- The Rebel with the Style Mr. Dean is the Classic member of the team. He is the old fashioned rebel. He knows what he wants in life and he goes for it. And he looks great while he does it.

Rupert Grint- The Wizzard

Every team needs some magic! Rupert is the perfect addition to my team. He brings both magic and laughter. Plus if i ever need to fight off Death Eaters I know he will have my back.

Emmanuel Moire- The Singer

WOW. word just do not do him justice. My good friend Tina showed me this video and well he is so great and French... just look at his eyes. Don't believe me... watch this.

Peter Facinelli- The Doctor

He is the newest addition to the Team. I am a little embarrassed to have a man from twilight... but He is so great. He could save my life any day he wanted to.

Toby Maguire- The Nerd
A team in never complete with out the nerdy one. Boy is he the best Nerd EVER... He can spin webs,fight crime, he is a photographer, and can kiss upside down. The perfect finish to the perfect team.

Welcome to my Team. The One and Only.