Today I woke up and it was one of those mornings where you wish you could sleep forever so you could live in your dreams. My dream was basically the greatest thing that could ever happen.
As you know from MY TEAM I love Zachary Quinto (Spock, Syler). LOVE HIM. Well let me just tell you what happened it this blissful dream of mine.

I was hanging out with some friends at this sweet beautiful Beach House. Ok it was My very own beach house. (perfectness #1) You could see the waves from my house. All of my favorite friends where there hanging out just chillin. Then all of the sudden Both Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine ( also love him captian kirk... ahhh) Show up at my house. Wow... ok but it gets better. I of course persue Mr. Quinto. And well flirting happens with both of these fine men by all the ladies in the house. Since this is my dream they both are interested in me and they are both trying to get my attention. WEll we end up on a couch watching a movie. Natalie and I were sitting next to each other, then make room for zachary to sit in between us. Ahhh Wonderful right. SO its all flirty flirty la la wonderful and then he gets up to go get something from the kitchen I follow him and everything is looking up because he is flirting back. I go back to the couch and who is sitting in his seat but Chris Pine. Well lets be honest that is nothing to complain about because he too is wonderfully attractive. So I sit next to him and he is extra flirty. Then all of the sudden he leans into kiss me and from then on my heart is changed. He is so great and he keeps whispering cute things to me as we sit on the couch.
Well this is where it gets really good because Zachary got really jealous and well they started fighting over me. Nothing physical or anything I am not a violent dreamer but they just kept fighting for my attention and my love.. Well basically it was the greatest thing in the world.

Unfortunately I woke up before I found out who won my heart. I may never know wins my heart over. If only this was real life.



Harry Potter Premier. The Stout Hogwarts clan.

Oquirrh Mountain Temple Open House

Derek's Eagle Project.

daybreak lake sandcastles, complete with moat and castle wall.

June Thunderstorms

Carly and I found this cool wall in SLC.
Field trip day.
Dezi eating a spicy worm. YUM?
Our new temple.
Daybreak Lake is so much fun.
We are so great!
DI Dress up. Purple is sexy.
Overalls. hahah.

Jumping through a field of Flowers.
Beautiful Desiree.

May Travels

A trip to Maggie's cabin!
This was a great sunday Hike up at Maggies Cabin!

Don't go chasing waterfalls...

San Fransisco!
This guy Loved us. He even gave us a bag of chips that none of us wanted to touch...
I think a U turn would be a bad idea...
I've got the whole world in my hands!
I think this picture really captures each of our personalities.
Tourist Derek.
Don't jump Derek. Don't do it. (Dezi really wasn't invested in saving him)
Sister rings. " togedaw forevaw"

They could be part time models.
Dezi Loved the Jelly Belly bug!

The Best of Both Worlds

Like Hannah Montana, This summer I have had the best of both worlds! I have not been a rock star, but I have been a kid half the summer and an adult the rest of the summer. It has been a GREAT summer full of fun and many adventures!The next few posts will showcase all of the fun I have had!


The simple things in life.

So somethings make the world a better place. This just happens to be one of those things.

the fastest, most hygienic hand dryer.

If you have not come across one of these brilliant machines, FIND ONE.
It is much like a classy Jetsons device.
Simply insert wet freshly washed hands into the airblade as shown on the pictures and you will be swept away by the thin slices of air power drying your hand. My favorite part is the way the speedy air wiggles the skin on your hands like the rush of wind wiggles your cheeks while you fly through a roller coaster. This machine has your hands dry in seconds and leaving you mind in awe.

Whenever I find one of these in a bathroom it is like Christmas. And love. Wrapped up in slick siver speedy air.