The madness of March!

March has been a fun month this past weekend I went to The Festival of Colors at the Krishna temple in Spanish Fork. It is a big holiday for Indian and Hindu people. When you get there you buy bags of colored crushed up chalk and when there is a bonfire that is lit and when it is lit you begin to throw the chalk at each other. It was so crazy when everyone started to throw the chalk because the whole sky filled up with chalk dust and you couldn't see a thing. Even though it is a Hindu holiday everyone at BYU knows about it and tons of students attend. I had no Idea what the holiday was so I did a little research and this is what I found. The point of the holiday is to represent that everyone is the same. Its a day where you have no enemies only friends. The colors of the chalk represent that is doesn't matter what color we are we are all children of God.
The Sexy Six and our colorful faces!
Mark, Caity, Jarrod and I in front of the Krishna temple!

Caity and I also hosted our first party this weekend, we had a blast from the bast with our 80's bash! I LOVE THE 80's! By far the best part of the party was definitely dressing up! I had no idea I could even get my hair that big. I can't believe people actually had hair that big. WOW. It was a lot of fun and an overall success! We think are next party we will bring back the 90's!