Song of the week.

So i have decided to start a song of the week. I have been thinking about it for a while and well what better time to start then now. I want the song of the week to be something that moves me. Either emotionally or just is so catchy I can't seem to forget about it.

This weeks song is an oldie. Its been around since before I was born and although I have heard it many times before I found a love for it last semester. But it wasn't until this week that it deserved the song of the week title. It really just hit me this week and I felt like it was more apart of my life this week then it ever has been before.

I grew up on the Beatles. I have been listening to them well probably since I was born. Thanks mom. Last semester I wrote a research paper about them and my love only grew stronger. They are amazing artist and although they didn't make some of the best life choices they were very honest about their life and their music really has made an impact on the world.

So Here it is! The first ever song of the week:

Thanks boys.

What do you wish?

I love this video. It shows how much hope there really is in humanity.

My favorite is the wish of the last guy. He wished he had started his day with a wish ans wishes to start tomorrow with a wish. I want to start every day with a wish.

Today I wish to have a happier day then the last.

Take the time to watch the video its worth it.