I had forgotten about this until i was going through my pictures. I think the pictures say more then I could ever. Dad and I were laughing every time we saw the signs... Proof that I will never grow up!



I love London. I love the shopping, I love the shows, I love all the interesting things you see when your just walking through the city. I had a ton of fun relaxing in London. I did a lot of things I had never done there before too! I saw Wicked and have been singing the songs ever since. I loved it! I walked down the enbankment as the sun was setting and saw London transform from day to night. We went to Oxford, probably one of the coolest college towns ever. We also went to Stratford upon Avon, where the famous Shakespeare is from, and we went to Brighton Beach and toured the coolest Palace ever. It is decorated like a Chinese palace, and the best part about it is when it was being decorated most Europeans had never been to Asia so they went off of painting of Chinese art. It was very different from any English palace I have ever been to. Then we ate delicious fish and chips on the beach. It was fantastic!